Another major project I had in my final year of my Associate's dgree was the the creation and branding of a cafe. This project was collaborative with two other people. Together we created Vinyl Cafe, a music themed coffee shop! There were quite a few pieces of design work that had to be done with this project, so after designing the logo and style guide, the work was split between the three of us. This was definitely a learning experience to work separately and still have our pieces flow together. Here are my four design pieces I contributed to this project
Piece One: Live Music Schedule Poster
At Vinyl Cafe we decided to have a variety of different events. One of those events was live music every Friday night. This poster shows the line up of shows coming to Vinyl Cafe.
Piece Two: 1/3 Page Ad
We each designed an ad that went along with our poster design. This ad is a shorter version of the line up poster. I used our secondary fonts and logo to make it sightly different.
Piece Three: Show Ticket
You can’t have a concert without a ticket! This is a design for tickets for the live music held at Vinyl Cafe.
Piece Four: Trifold Menu
The last piece I did for this project was a trifold menu. Each item on the menu has some kind of music pun because who doesn’t like puns! The dimensions of the menu are 11.7x8.25 inches.
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign,
The photos used in this project are not mine.
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