A major project I had in my final year of my Associate's degree was a rebranding of a small town. The professor assigned us each with a small town that we had to research and recreate a logo for. The small town I was given was Grandville, Ohio. We had to make create a minimum of 5 different logos and present them to the class. The class acted as townspeople of the city and voted on the new logo that we had to perfect into the final logo.
Finalized Primary Logo
Finalized Secondary Logo
After finalizing the logo, we had to create a style guide book for our logo. This was without a doubt the most challenging thing I ever had to do in this program! Despite the difficultly, it was my favorite design project I had. Not only did my layout skills improve, but I learned so much about Adobe Indesign and how to import files from other Adobe software.
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
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